Clients often come to me feeling frustrated. Do any of these ring true for you?

  • You keep sending resumes to jobs you find online, but you never hear back. Are you doing something wrong? Are you including the wrong information?
  • You’re not sure about the “right” way to act at an American interview. What if they ask an unexpected question that you don’t know how to answer? What if you’re missing important cultural cues?
  • You know you have drive, talent, and a lot to offer. But it feels like there is a cultural barrier that’s holding you back from showing your dream companies just how much value you can bring.


If this sounds familiar, I am here to help.



I’m Lidia, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and founder of ExpatResume. I help professionals like you, who have come to the U.S. from around the world, find jobs at great American companies.



  • Sending out only a few resumes, and having multiple employers calling you back.
  • Walking into an interview feeling confident, because you know how to say the right thing.
  • Calling your friends back home and posting on social media to tell everyone about your amazing new American job.


I’ve spent years talking to hiring managers, recruiters and career experts to find out how they make decisions, what mistakes they see most often… and how YOU can get a great American job, even if you have limited (or no) experience in the U.S.


Are you ready?

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Lidia impressed me with the insights, edits and thorough comments she gave on each part of my resume. She identified small details and highlighted some points that I should take out because of their non-relevance to the U.S. market. In short, she re-created a U.S. customized version of my resume.

If you are an expatriate or foreign national applying for U.S. jobs, I highly recommend you get in touch with Lidia because she will do her best to make your resume stand out and get noticed by employers. – Tamara K.