happy womanHow will you feel when you finally call your family and friends back home to tell them about your great new American job?


ExpatResume provides you with tools and services to make the long, difficult job-seeking process faster and simpler, so you can stop stressing and start working.


We help with:

Lidia knows how to showcase your professional skills and accomplishments in a way that best suits your industry. She understands that your resume needs to stick out from the rest and not be put in the black hole pile!  –Hillary B.

How we can help you

Individual Resume and LinkedIn Writing assistanceresume review

Do you know that most employers spend less than 10 seconds looking at a resume? And were you aware that automated software ranks most job applications so they are never seen by a live person, only the machines that reject them?

We can help you create a resume and LinkedIn profile to make employers excited to talk to you.


Career coaching and job-seeking strategy developmentyellow notes

We will help you identify the best opportunities for your background, and help you develop a plan to meet the right people, build relationships, and ultimately impress employers.



Interview preparation

Job interviews in the U.S. can be quite different from interviews in other countries. And many readingcandidates are thrown off by some of the questions they are asked, with no idea for how to respond. We help you make a great impression, prepare for common questions so that you don’t make the mistakes that get many candidates disqualified — and know how to respond to surprising or weird questions in a way that makes employers want to hire you for the job.


Lidia’s course has been a complete gamechanger both in terms of how my resume is being read by hiring managers and by how I, myself, look at my resume. Lidia is incredibly adept at breaking things down to bite-sized steps and keeping the material punchy. I know when I look through my resume or prepare to interview that I can think of one or two action words that guide my thinking. In the week after I took the first module of the course and revised my resume, I have received more responses than previously and I have a clearer view of what organizations in my field are looking for.


Definitely recommend Lidia’s work with resume writing to anyone! In fact, I have friends who, after my giving them feedback on their resumes want to work with her too. –Johanna A.




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After a 6-year gap in my career due to visa restrictions, I found myself really out of the system in terms of work opportunities. My resume needed some serious tuning, my professional network had become non-existent while I was raising my two children, and I had never really worked with LinkedIn. 
Lidia provided me with concrete strategies for tackling different parts of resume/LinkedIn writing. I found particularly useful the specific examples she gave of how to improve an “average” resume to make it stand out. Among other things, it helped me make the most of all my volunteering experiences. 
I also really liked being given clear directions (and sometimes templates) on how to reach out to my LinkedIn network, and how to handle an interview process. 
The results are quite striking in my situation: I was hired for the first job I applied to on LinkedIn! This didn’t involve any networking at all, so I guess my LinkedIn profile was convincing enough! I got everything I wished for, and thanks to Lidia I felt very confident during the entire recruiting process. –Caroline G.